Received a Traffic Ticket In Osceola County Florida?

As hard as you try to obey traffic laws, sometimes tickets just seem like an inevitable part of life on the road. Regardless of whether overgrown bushes hid that traffic sign or you simply didn’t realize how fast you were going, when you receive a citation, the help of an experienced traffic law specialist could help minimize the impact.

Over the years, traffic law attorneys at Skubiak & Rivas P.A. with attorney offices in Osceola and Orange Counties have literally helped thousands of traffic offenders pay less, reduce their sentences and retain driving privileges…all within the limits of the law. But regardless of whether you work with our traffic law firm or not, there are very specific considerations to take into account when selecting a traffic attorney.

1. Experience – Many general attorneys claim they can help with traffic offenses, but it is a specialized area of legal practice. Be sure your traffic attorney has successfully dealt with cases like yours and has strong ties in the local area. Sometimes resolving traffic offenses is as much about relationships as it is about the law.

2. Unbiased Legal Opinion – An experienced traffic attorney can help determine whether you even have a case worth perusing. A reputable professional won’t waste your time or money—or risk their reputation—taking a case that can’t be won. They’ll also know when simply showing up in court accompanied by an attorney will likely get the case dismissed.

3. Ease of Engagement – Most people have such busy lives that finding time to interview attorneys can be a hardship. To help streamline this process, you can speak to a Skubiak & Rivas traffic law expert over the phone to determine whether our firm is the right fit for you. And, in many cases, the entire matter can even be settled by phone.

4. Cost – All consultations at Skubiak & Rivas Traffic P.A. are free. But if you choose to go with another firm, never pay up front before completely understanding their course of action. Remember, your attorney works for you.

Call our Osceola Traffic Law Office at 407-483-7973 for a Free Consultation. We are located only minutes from the Osceola County Courthouse at 811 W. Mabbette St. Kissimmee, FL 34741.