In a Car Accident?

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The time following an auto accident is most often a period of panic. The first concern is seeing to everyone’s medical needs. Even if there are no apparent injuries, a medical exam by a physician is strongly advised since numerous health conditions do not appear right away. In fact, delayed medical treatment is the number one cause of permanent injury following an auto accident.

But after everyone’s medical emergencies are attended to, you probably have a hundred questions. First and foremost, should you claim responsibility following an auto accident? The answer is easy…never. The assignment of blame is the job of the investigating police officer, not someone involved in the accident who is most likely in a state of shock.

During the investigation period, remember that emotions can run high, so it’s always best to remain calm and cooperative. Provide factual information and the proper documentation, and then call a traffic attorney as soon as possible.

In cases of auto accidents, there are so many legal ramifications that can arise later that it’s always best to know your rights from the start. Even if you believe you are at fault, an experienced attorney will represent you in a way that covers all the bases—from who will pay the repair and medical bills to who receives the traffic citation.

For years, the Traffic Law Firm has represented auto accident victims of all types, including those who left the scene of an accident, drove carelessly or recklessly, were in violation of the right-of-way, performed illegal lane changes, were driving too fast or followed another vehicle too closely. Whatever your auto accident situation, our experienced attorneys are ready to advocate for you.


Thanks to Skubiak and Rivas, I have literally saved thousands of dollars and valuable time in citations, court costs, traffic school and increased auto insurance. I was unlucky enough to receive two moving violations, both of which were deserved, in the same week! A friend of mine who happens to be a local Deputy recommended Skubiak and Rivas to me. I am glad he did! One citation was dropped over $100 without points or traffic school while the other was dismissed entirely! Thanks, Skubiak and Rivas! I would gladly recommend your services to my friends! Sincerely, Brandon Hanshaw

-Brandon Hanshaw