Before You Pay Your Red Light Ticket…

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Drivers beware…The number of red light cameras placed around Central Florida is increasing exponentially. And with that increase has come a surge of associated traffic tickets. If you receive a red light camera ticket, you should first understand how this ticket differs from traditional citations.

Red light cameras detect movement once traffic lights turn red. They snap pictures of license plates on moving cars as they pass beneath the camera. And in many instances, they also can calculate the car’s speed. If you are passing through a yellow light that turns red, the red light camera is far more likely to detect your infraction than a police officer. However, these machines are not infallible.

Before paying your red light camera ticket, call the Traffic Law Firm. These cameras are known to malfunction. For example, a camera that’s not working properly may continuously capture multiple license plates rather than only the one that was speeding or failed to stop at a red light. Without a means to verify the information, the camera data is automatically matched to your registration information and generates a summons or citation that is mailed to your address on file. Since it’s hard to argue with a machine, most people simply pay the fine and accept the points against their driving records and increased insurance premiums.

The validity of red light camera tickets is controversial at best. If you receive a red light camera ticket that you feel may be in error, consult with one of our attorneys before blindly accepting the consequences.


I first used Skubiak and Rivas when i received my second speeding ticket. They got the ticket off my record and no points to my license. I was very happy with the results so
when I got a DUI charge I immediately went to them first. Robert Skubiak got my DUI charge reduced to reckless driving and no licence suspension. He was incredibly professional and tenaciously fought my DUI case in court. I was very happy with the results given the fact that I was facing possible jail time, license suspension, steep fines and possible loss of my job if I had gotten convicted. I would highly recommend them for any traffic case whether speeding, suspended license, or DUI.

by E.P. – 07/14/2011