Received a Speeding Ticket? In Most Cases You Never Have to Come to Court.

Let Us Do All The Work.

At some point, a speeding ticket is an unfortunate reality for most drivers. However, just because you are presented with a speeding ticket doesn’t automatically mean that you are guilty and your driving record is scarred. The next time you get a ticket, do not pay it until you speak with someone at the Orlando Traffic Attorney.

Our attorneys have spent years debating and fighting speeding tickets in court based on a variety of legal and procedural technicalities. It’s important to remember that speeding is a serious safety offense. However, it’s also a “revenue crime” for many police departments that may involve tactics like speed traps and hard-to-see speed limit signs.

If you are pulled over for a speeding ticket, you must know that how you respond to the immediate situation may affect the outcome of your ticket. When a police officer approaches your vehicle, never debate your speed with him or her. Always remain polite and courteous and accept the ticket. Then call us.

We will use every angle possible to reduce the speed on your ticket or even have it removed from your record altogether. Our goal is to minimize the number of points against your driving record and keep it as clean as clean as possible so you’ll avoid having to pay increased insurance rates. Remember, it’s the police officers’ jobs to look out for your safety, but it’s our job to look out for your financial well being and right to drive.


I received a letter from the state of florida stating that my license was to be revoked for 5 years due to a citation that I paid that put three point on my license. I immediately freak out and started to seek a lawyer. I called a few lawyers and I either got put on hold and they never called back or if they did call back it was a week later. Some places were completely over priced. Finally I found my saving grace TRAFFIC LAW FIRM and the best team I ever with Rivas (Lawyer) and Angelica (Legal Assistant). They immediately reviewed my case and took action right away. It was a time sensitive issue and Angelica was on top of it since the first moment she meet me. I called three to four times a week and she always was glad to talk to me. I also met with Rivas twice and he always was optimistic and straight forward. I will recommend them to everyone. I will forever be grateful for all they did for me. It was above and beyond anything that I could have asked for. I couldn’t have gone to a better Law Firm and now because of them I can DRIVE!!!

-Jamille Castro